By Andy Hillocks

Do you challenge yourself, push the boundaries of your ability, take yourself to the next level so you are constantly progressing?

Many of us just accept the current versions of ourselves, saying “one day” ,we’ll get what we want, like like we want, get where we want to be. But are you taking action?

We live in our own comfort zone, that place that is warm, cosy, and you feel safe and content. Se outside that comfort zone, or atleast challenge that comfort zone every day to help you grow as a person.

A challenge can come externally, competition from others for example, but where is your drive to challenge yourself, where is that spark from within you to develop yourself? Stop using excuses and wasting your time, get out there and do whatever it takes to challenge yourself and grow, grow into the person you want to be and better yourself every single day.

About the author

After studying Sport & Exercise Science at Portsmouth University Andy realised his passion was to help the general population better their lives through health and fitness. Andy believes that training and eating nutritious foods shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance on an individual’s life, it should be seen as a way to improve it. Andy feels it’s his job as a personal trainer to educate his clients on training and nutrition so it can become an enjoyable part of their lifestyle.