Jasmine Hutchings

I’ve been teaching yoga for 4 years now, having qualified with YogaHaven Brighton under the esteemed Allie Hill and Olympic Swimmer-turned-yogi; Leon Taylor.

I teach a range of styles, from gentle beginners sessions, all the way through to hot and dynamic power classes. I’ve taught children, over 60s, professional athletes and everyone in between. My passion is sharing the movement itself, and making it accessible to all, in a safe and comfortable environment.

I enjoy fitness in all its forms, (particularly weight training and HIIT!) and I believe in balance and exploring multiple ways of moving your body every week in order to maintain strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and of course; mental health. When it comes to Yoga, there’s just something about this activity that makes it totally unique, and keeps me and others coming back for more.

In Yoga, there’s creative expression, emotional depth, stress management, personal development, understanding the self, all alongside the top-hitters: Building strength, raising your heart rate, and improving flexibility.

Here at Halo Gym, I understand you may need a class to complement your weekly workouts, or perhaps you’re dropping in because this is your most local yoga class. Either way, my class is a great exploration of the practise and includes a gentle warm up, a fiery and exciting middle, and a cool down to learn about mindfulness, breathing, recovery, and slowing down. Hope to see you on the mat!


  • YogaHaven Brighton with Allie Hill and Olympic Swimmer-turned-yogi; Leon Taylor
  • Qualified YT 200
  • Qualified Yoga for Mental Health