Harry Gripper – Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells

Personal Trainer Tunbridge Wells: Sport has been at the core of my life for as long as I can remember: from playing rugby, hockey & cricket throughout my childhood, to endless sessions surfing back home in Cornwall; and now to ultrarunning & strength training.

Since starting my career in the industry back in 2019, I have been lucky enough to use my passion for movement to help others become their best self – be that through lifting, running, improving nutritional habits, and/or simply taking steps to live a healthier & more active lifestyle.
Running will always be my biggest love in life, and I use personal experience in the sport to form my unique approach to event preparation: learning to actually enjoy it, HOW it makes you feel, and harnessing these positive emotions to propel you through a structured Plan of Attack. If you’re thinking about signing up to something, do it!
Furthermore, with the growing conversation around mental health, I love nothing more than helping my Team realise the power that regular movement has on the mind. Having come from a background of poor mental health, strength training has played an essential role in getting me out of various psychological holes over the years, and imparting that on others is something I find incredibly rewarding.
Whatever the goal, I will endeavour to provide you with all the tools to help you along the way. Seek the untapped potential within & come join my Team of Everyday Athletes!


  • AIQ L3 Personal Training (NASM)
  • AIQ L2 Mental Health Awareness
  • SCE Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals Coach
  • AFA Practical Yoga Instructor
  • Strength System International Certification L1
  • GGS L4 Pre- and Post-Natal Certification (pending)
  • Strength System International Certification L2-3 (pending)



  • Per hour £45


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