How to stay on track during the festive period

By Lizzy Bailey

As we get closer to the festive period it can be hard not to overindulge and difficult to stay on track, especially if you’re in a dieting phase.

No one wants to miss out on the festivities, and the good thing is you don’t have to! It is still possible to enjoy all the food and drink without completely sabotaging all your efforts.

So, how can we still stay on track?

  • Bank calories throughout the week. If you have 100 calories less per day during the week that’ll give you an extra 500 at the weekend. Bring on the Christmas pudding!

  • Skip breakfast! Now I’m not one to miss meals, especially breakfast! But if you’re heading out for a big dinner and drinks, save the calories from your breakfast for later in the day.

  • Keep up the gym sessions. The days might be colder and darker earlier, but you can still do those gym sessions. Take 30 mins back from your day and hit the gym. You’ll feel so much better for it and your energy output will be higher.

  • Stay on track in between events. Don’t write off the week because you over consumed at the Christmas party. Get back on track the next day, eat your protein and veggies so you can still fit in those clothes come January.

  • Move more! Keep getting those steps in, maybe go Christmas shopping in town rather than online. Or, grab a coffee with a friend and go for a winter walk.

If you follow some of these steps you’ll still be able to enjoy every festive occasion, and feel and look fantastic come the New Year!

About the author

Lizzy is a qualified level 3 personal trainer and has enjoyed being active from a young age when she showed horses. Lizzy enjoys exercising and lifting heavy weights; she loves to feel strong and empowered. When she’s not in the gym she likes long walks in the countryside and heading to the coast.

In the past she has competed in two fitness model competitions, she now uses her experience and knowledge to help her clients get fitter, stronger and feel more confident.