Why choose a female Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells?

By Louisa Hockley

female personal trainer in tunbridge wells

For a long time, personal training has been a male dominated industry, however, we are seeing an increase in female personal trainers in recent years. It is just as important to increase the number of female personal trainers and coaches as it is to increase and maintain female participation in sport and exercise. It’s essential for young women to see females in these positions as key, influential role models.

When looking for a PT as a woman, the options available to you can seem daunting. Some women may opt for a male PT as they feel comfortable and confident in their ability, and some women will opt for a female PT as it provides a safe, judgement free space which may encourage more females to train. There is no right or wrong answer, it is purely personal preference, finding what works best for you and deciding what you will get the most out of.

If you are a woman who has considered personal training in the past but has never committed, perhaps there is a reason behind this and maybe working with a female PT may be more preferential.

Considerations for choosing a female Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells

In elite sport, the relationship that male and female athletes have with their coaches is often very different. For example, female athletes are driven by the quality of the relationship they have with their coach, (i.e., how well their coach understands their goals, issues, body etc.) whereas male athletes tend to place more value on the professional experience and the quality of achievements of their coach, (i.e., their success in a given sport, the number of wins etc.). This logic can be easily transferred into the personal training environment. Some women may want to work with a male or female coach that focuses more on physique goals and transformations whereas some women may want a different approach that does not revolve around body image, appearance and diet.

It is important to understand what you would like to gain from the personal training experience. The benefit of a woman opting for a female Personal Trainer starts with empathy and understanding, an environment where feelings and emotions are validated, and where it doesn’t matter what your end goal might be or why you have started training. In addition, it can become an extremely supportive working relationship where no subject is taboo and everything is on the table for an open discussion with zero judgment.

As women, from a young age we are not taught the basics of our own biology and anatomy, therefore, theoretical descriptions are meaningless unless it actually connects with what we as women experience, we need practical applications. Take breast support for example, women may be instructed to perform high intensity exercise involving running and jumping but we may experience severe breast pain and discomfort whilst performing these exercises. Are we likely to explain in detail to a male trainer that these exercises cause musculoskeletal pain, leading to neck and headaches as well as sore breasts? Not to mention our negatively impacted sporting performance caused by insufficient breast support, which might account for hitting plateaus and not seeing as much progression as desired.

Why choose a female Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells?

In reality, it is not about pitting male and female PT’s against each other, however, it is about making an informed decision that will meet your needs. Ultimately, choosing a trainer because you enjoy their particular style of training, regardless of whether they are male or female is more beneficial because so long as you enjoy your training, your adherence is likely to be far better. Sustainable health and fitness makes for better sense than quick fixes that don’t last. Once you have found your preferred style of training, take time to find a trainer who can help you meet your individual needs.

Here at Halo Gym, Tunbridge Wells, we have a fantastic team of female personal trainers, whether you are looking to train in line with your cycle, menopause and other female health areas, or interested in the nutrition side of things alongside of your coaching, or if you are after more physique training and perhaps are looking to compete in a show. We are fortunate to have a great selection of female personal trainers with an abundance of knowledge and experience to help any woman looking to start their training journey.

If you would like to get started with personal training and enhance your current training status whilst learning new and effective techniques designed for your body, then get in touch to book a free consultation or a PT session with me.

female personal trainer in tunbridge wells

About the author

I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer at Halo Gym and have an MSc in Sports Performance and a BSc in Sports Science. I have a keen interest in female health and take a holistic approach to women in sport, from the general public to elite female athletes. My goal is to educate and empower women, and to help them make gains in and outside of the gym.