By Rosie Tostevin

Scheduling your workouts can create extra time in your day. Planning and following a training schedule can enable you to be more productive, while ensuring you still have time in the day to follow your hobbies and to be with your friends and family.

Perhaps sometimes you feel there are not enough hours in the day. Not enough time to get to the gym and train, to pay bills, to visit friends, to answer emails. Scheduling it all, specifically your training programme, can help you to prioritise the most important things you need to do and help you find the time for the things you love.

What to do?

Think about your training, schedule your entire workout, from the time you have available, to the muscles you would like to target, to the time you need to complete a desired number of sets and reps, to the time you need for rest, everything. Put those fixed variables in first, then schedule the frequency of your training sessions and start following.

What will you gain?

As humans we get a dopamine hit from completing tasks (such as a workout). We enjoy the feeling of finishing jobs, and ticking little achievements off reminds us that we have done something. That finished set in the gym or that tick on your training programme, it gives positive information to the brain: it tells us we are in control of our day and life is great. That tick shifts us from a state of stress to one of satisfaction and achievement.

So why not start scheduling your training programme today and start enjoying its many benefits! If you need help to plan or program, get in touch.

About the author

Rosie is a passionate and qualified level 3 personal trainer. Her purpose and intention is to be a genuine and helpful coach.

Many people wonder what the secret to success in the gym is but, as Rosie notes, there are no secrets. Her advice: show up, be humble, be the hardest worker, and be hungry. Be consistent with your efforts too.

What’s incredible about exercise is its power to make you feel great about yourself, to challenge you, says Rosie. It can be specific to your needs and can genuinely make a difference to your mental and physical wellbeing.

AS your coach, Rosie will happily help you work towards results you can be proud of. So, whether you are seeking help with motivation and drive, knowledge, or simply wanting to remain consistent and have peace of mind that you are performing exercises correctly in the gym, Rosie has the skills and know-how to get you there.