Ryan Hook

Ryan Hook

There is no better feeling than witnessing yourself progress however, achieving this on your own can sometimes seem impossible.

As a coach, I provide every client with a high-quality level of service and ensure each individual is supplied with the tools they need in order to develop, progress and succeed.

My philosophy is simple. ‘Make things less complicated’. There’s a wealth of conflicting information and plain misinformation out there, which confuses us all. My ambition is to remove the confusion and educate clients in a manner that is easy to understand and simple to apply, with the aim of not only allowing them to progress during the time they are with me but to empower them with the knowledge needed in order to positively impact the rest of their life.

My coaching reaches past that of an average PT, as I understand a large majority of challenges people face are actually away from the gym floor. I relate to the fact we all lead busy lives and are faced with our own unique challenges. I see it as my responsibility to work with my clients to find ways around their challenges, to find solutions to the barriers they face and to improve their lives as a whole.


  • Level 3 Personal Training Certificate
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate
  • Advanced Coaching Academy (ongoing)
  • KBT Level 1 Nutrition
  • KBT Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
  • KBT Level 2 Strength and Conditioning
  • Resistance Training Specialist – Spine and Trunk
  • Resistance Training Specialist – Upper Body
  • Resistance Training Specialist – Lower Body
  • First Aid at Work


Seminars Attended:

  • M10 Physique Camp (Theory Day)
  • Phil Learney Fat Loss
  • Integra – Anatomy Lab
  • Integra – Labtime Workshop
  • Jake Carter – Functional Nutrition
  • Muscle Nerds – Nutrition Foundations
  • M10 – Training the Average Joe
  • M10 – Body Transformations
  • FNS – Neuro-logic Training: Strength
  • FLFEducation & The Muscle Mentors – Assessments and Application
  • The Muscle Mentors – Optimising the Nervous System for Maximal Muscle Gain


£60 Per hour

Packages available, please enquire for details