By Aaron Montandon

Water must surely be one of the most underestimated substances in the diet. As we know, the body is made up of around 75% water and it plays many significant roles.

Water is used to breakdown certain vitamins and minerals each day, and it is used to transport them to the specific parts of the body where they are needed.  Without adequate hydration, we cannot supply our body with these important nutrients and so it cannot work as it should.

Water also helps maintain homeostasis (balance), controlling such things as body heat. A key point to remember is that the better hydrated you are, the better your body will be at metabolising FAT!

The liver is a key player in the metabolism of stored fat. Without adequate supply of water the liver will not be able to work properly, leading to more body fat being stored – I’m sure none of you want that!

Sodium (found in salt) intake should also be considered. If too much sodium is found in the diet more water is needed to dilute it before entering the kidneys. Sodium intake should not account for more than 2.4g (6g of salt) per day.

So how much water should we drink?

It is stated that two litres of water is required per day. But those carrying a little extra weight need to drink more – another 250ml for every 25lbs over our ideal weight. And once you throw in exercise and a hot, sunny day in to the mix, water consumption needs to go up even higher.

So here’s an interesting experiment: I want you to start recording your daily water intake for the next few days – you just may be surprised by the results!

About the author

Aaron is an experienced PT at Halo Gym, holding qualifications including Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Phil Learney ACA (ongoing), KBT Level 1 Strength and Conditioning, as well as KBT Nutrition for Health. His bespoke training programmes have helped a diverse range of clients to achieve their fitness goals, from losing body fat, building lean muscle, to improving general health and fitness.